Battle Creek Motorcycle Club Rivalry

Battle of the Bikers?

Most bikers just want to hang out with their friends and ride their motorcycles, without making or getting into any trouble. But like people in every walk of life, it only takes a handful of badly behaved ones to give everyone else a bad name. And this was certainly the case for four bikers from North Carolina who were arrested in Michigan after a recent fight in Battle Creek. Continue reading

Joel Wilson “Ponzi Scheme” Trial Update

The end of the week saw a number of witnesses take the stand in the Joel Wilson trial, first of which was Ann Tushaus, an accountant with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She told the court about the forensic accounting investigation she conducted in the fall of 2012. Tushaus claimed to have studied bank statements, wire transfers, and a number of documents pertaining to The Diversified Group’s banking. All in all, she says, there are about 25 bank accounts pertaining to Wilson personally, and the different businesses he owns. Continue reading

State Charges Dismissed, Federal Charges Filed

A good rule to live by is: real life is not like the movies! In films and popular TV shows, people involved in criminal enterprises often appear to lead glamorous and interesting lives and get away with all manner of illegal shenanigans without ever getting caught. In real life, people involved in criminal enterprises often spend a great deal of time covering their tracks, stressing about who knows what and how much, and almost always get caught.

Continue reading

Delivery of Controlled Substance Causing Death

5 Facing Charges After Teen’s Death

On New Year’s Eve, at a time when people around the world were gearing up to usher in the new year, a 16-year-old Watervliet HS student named Mason Mizwicki was dying of prescription methadone overdose. But now, in the wake of his death, five individuals are facing charges for the events that took place that night. Three of them are minors. Continue reading

Joel Wilson “Ponzi Scheme” Trial Begins

Joel Wilson, seated in court in a subdued grey suit, with a look of mild interest on his face, is looking at a stacked deck. And it is not stacked in his favor. Wilson is accused of operating a Ponzi scheme in the Bay Area that scammed a number of local investors out of millions, before he and his wife disappeared to Germany. But his trial has finally begun and it will be interesting to be seen how he and his attorney structure his defense over the next few weeks. Continue reading

Felony Charges for Smuggling Drugs Into Jail

Ask any medical student in the middle of their residency about the strange things people insert into their various orifices, and you will be able to settle in for at least an hour’s worth of horrifying stories about hairbrushes, light bulbs, and flashlights. But as it turns out, medical students aren’t the only ones who have first-hand knowledge of this rather uncomfortable subject – sheriff’s deputies get their fair share as well. The only difference is, a doctor isn’t likely to request felony charges for smuggling drugs into the jail after removing a crack pipe from your unmentionables, whereas the sheriff most certainly will. Continue reading