Bacon Worth Going to Prison Over?

Woman Going to Prison After Shooting Up McDonalds Drive-through

From all the bacon Christmas ornaments, bacon-flavored candy, bacon-print dresses and humorous bacon lover’s slogans on T-shirts, it is safe to assume that people love bacon. There are even online bacon loyalty clubs like the Royal Bacon Society and Farmland, which offer everything bacon-related from recipes to gifts. But for all the bacon mania that has held the nation firmly in it’s grip for decades, there is a point at which it can be said that one goes too far…

30-year-old Shaneka Monique Torres, a Grand Rapids-based bacon lover, had a recent incident at a McDonalds where her love of bacon overruled her common sense. As a result, she will now be going to prison for several years. And it is unlikely that bacon is served with any regularity there. Continue reading

Murder and Arson in Allegan County

Man Shoots Family and Burns the Bodies

Murder horrifies people. Even more so if the victims are children. But what society in general really seems to struggle with is how the victim’s body is handled after the fact. Which is why Corey Lee LaValley who shot a family of three people and then burned their bodies, is likely to face some very harsh judges in the court of public opinion long before he is ever convicted in a court of law. Continue reading

Michigan Extortion Charges

Stripper and Family Accused of Blackmail

As Oscar Wilde claimed, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” And that was certainly the case here, where a recent series of events sounded suspiciously like a portion of the story line in the first episode of Fox Network’s Backstrom “Dragon Slayer”, in which a stripper and her family pull a scam on someone to get money.

But the difference here is that the character in the TV show gets murdered, while Paul Vagnozzi, the Michigan based retired software mogul who is the victim of an extortion scam at the hands of a stripper and her family, has survived to tell the tale. Continue reading

Criminal Charges for Ski Lodge Vandalism

U of M Fraternity Under Fire

The damages to the Treetops Resort and Spa in Gaylord were unbelievable. And the cost of the ensuing cleanup has been staggering. From restoring all the ceiling tiles that were torn down and furniture that was broken, to replacing urine-soaked carpets and demolished cabinetry, the total is $200,000 and climbing…. Continue reading

Michigan Parole Board Reversal

Bay County Convict Stays Behind Bars

In 1992, Clay D. Hayward shot and killed Mark R. Schafer, a 19-year-old home on leave from the US army. Then, almost 25 years later on November 14, 2014, the parole board voted to grant Hayward parole. We can only assume that he was thrilled, but many people who were enraged by this turn of events spoke out, and the parole board reversed their decision. Continue reading