Luxury Car Mechanic Facing Tax Fraud Charges

Terry Myr is a mechanic specializing in the repair of exotic foreign cars and high-end luxury vehicles. He was recently arrested on the grounds that he hasn’t filed his taxes in years. Now he owes the federal government a substantial sum of money.

According to the Justice Department, Myr, who is a resident of Smith’s Creek, was indicted by a grand jury in Detroit and subsequently charged with tax evasion. He was also charged with failure to file tax returns for 2000 through 2003. Continue reading

Grand Rapids Felonious Assault at Gay Bar

Christopher Allen Scott, a 58-year-old Grand Rapids man was arrested recently for threatening people at a bar. But, according to the Grand Rapids Police Department who conducted the arrest, this isn’t the first time Scott has acted out his frustrations in a public setting. In fact, he apparently has quite a history of disruptive behavior in downtown Grand Rapids. Continue reading

Coldwater: Intent to Distribute Heroin

23-year-old Bradley Watkins and 41-year-old Jessica Wright, both residents of Coldwater, are charged with having a substantial amount of heroin in their possession, which they apparently intended to sell.

Michigan State Police Trooper Matt Hart claims that he had pulled Watkins over on a traffic violation back in March in Union Township. At the time, Watkins attempted to give the officer a false name, but was caught and arrested for resisting an officer in his duty. Continue reading

Detroit Man Facing Murder Charges For Shooting 3-Year-Old Girl

24-year-old Donnie Everett (who is in no way connected to the well-known baseball star from Clarksville, Tennessee) was arraigned on Monday morning in the 36th District Court in Detroit. He is facing a host of felony charges, including murder charges, for a shooting that injured three people and killed a little girl. Continue reading

Stop and Seize: Civil Forfeiture

Since 9/11, the federal government has recruited state and local police to look for suspicious individuals and drugs on America’s highways to stop funding for terrorism.

Much to the chagrin of drivers, the resulting traffic stops from all this vigilance also yield a great deal of cash.  This is seized by aggressive police, although many of these people are never even charged with any sort of crime. This practice is known as civil forfeiture. Continue reading

St Ignace Band Director Facing Marijuana Charges

Stephanie Terpening, the band director for St Ignace High School, is facing criminal charges for allegedly growing and selling marijuana, along with other drug related charges.

Not many details have been released about the events that led to Terpening’s arrest. Media sources were told that police pulled a man over on several felony warrants, and the circumstances of his arrest led police to Terpening. Continue reading

Bay County Couple Sentenced For Smuggling Heroin Into Jail

24-year-old Christopher J. Obermiller and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Tara L. Schupback have both been sentenced to serve jail time for smuggling heroin into the Bay County Jail.

The pair accepted plea deals back in August, when Obermiller pleaded guilty to conspiracy to furnish contraband to a prisoner, which is a felony, and Schupback pleaded guilty to furnishing contraband to a prisoner and possession with intent to deliver heroin less than 50 grams. Continue reading