Detroit Police Seeking Felony Charges For Dog Mauling

It seems the Detroit Police have had a change of heart with regard to the recent tragic dog mauling that took place on the east side. Steve Constantine, the victim who was viciously attacked by 12 pit bulls and badly mauled, recently had one of his arms amputated as a result. His injuries were so severe that more than two weeks later, he has yet to leave the hospital.

The Detroit Police are apparently requesting felony charges from the prosecutor’s office, in particular, a charge of harboring a vicious animal causing serious injury. Formerly, Derrick Felton who is the owner of the pack of dogs, had received only misdemeanor citations because police believed that there was no malicious intent involved in the incident. Continue reading

Van Buren Man Takes Meth Lab to Courthouse

Everyone has been issued a wise word or two during their lifetime, and benefited from it.  Things like, “treat others the way you want to be treated”, “wash your hands after using the bathroom” and “never pick your nose in public” may be well used and seemingly worn out by now, but they are valuable nonetheless.

So while “don’t drive your mobile meth lab to a meeting with your parole officer” may not sound like something you would hear every day, it turns out someone could have used those few extra words of wisdom recently. Or perhaps just used a hefty serving of common sense. Continue reading

Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges in Minnesota

62-year-old Richard Jay Barbour of Spring Lake is looking at a very long time in prison in the not too distant future. And while the drug charges are primarily the result of a drug that is quasi-legal in his home state, Barbour was not in Michigan at the time of his arrest. He was in Minnesota. Not that it would have made all that much difference with this set of circumstances. Continue reading

Luxury Car Mechanic Facing Tax Fraud Charges

Terry Myr is a mechanic specializing in the repair of exotic foreign cars and high-end luxury vehicles. He was recently arrested on the grounds that he hasn’t filed his taxes in years. Now he owes the federal government a substantial sum of money.

According to the Justice Department, Myr, who is a resident of Smith’s Creek, was indicted by a grand jury in Detroit and subsequently charged with tax evasion. He was also charged with failure to file tax returns for 2000 through 2003. Continue reading

Grand Rapids Felonious Assault at Gay Bar

Christopher Allen Scott, a 58-year-old Grand Rapids man was arrested recently for threatening people at a bar. But, according to the Grand Rapids Police Department who conducted the arrest, this isn’t the first time Scott has acted out his frustrations in a public setting. In fact, he apparently has quite a history of disruptive behavior in downtown Grand Rapids. Continue reading

Coldwater: Intent to Distribute Heroin

23-year-old Bradley Watkins and 41-year-old Jessica Wright, both residents of Coldwater, are charged with having a substantial amount of heroin in their possession, which they apparently intended to sell.

Michigan State Police Trooper Matt Hart claims that he had pulled Watkins over on a traffic violation back in March in Union Township. At the time, Watkins attempted to give the officer a false name, but was caught and arrested for resisting an officer in his duty. Continue reading