Jackson County Recovery Court: Veteran’s Track

Celebrating the First Graduates 

One of the many things Michigan’s legal system can be proud of is our network of 22 Veteran Courts, scattered across the state. But what exactly is a Veteran’s Court? Well, it’s a second chance with a new lease on life, for those who have served their country and then fallen on hard times.

The Veteran’s Court is a sort of hybrid integration of drug court and mental health court, which works to help Michigan’s veterans, and occasionally even active duty personnel, work towards sobriety, recovery, and stability. Still confused? No problem, lets break it down….. Continue reading

The Fine Line Between Licensed Caregiver and Drug Dealer

Sentencing for Leader of Multicounty Pot Operation

Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) states that a licensed person, with a state-issued caregiver card, may grow up to 12 plants per registered patient. And the licensed caregiver may not have more than 5 other patients, not including themselves. Assuming of course that they are registered as a patient as well. More than that and they are no longer covered by the law. And that’s the point at which a person suddenly transitions over from being a licensed caregiver to being a drug dealer. Continue reading

Detroit Police Officers Indicted

Corrupt cops. Just the words incite disgust and anger in civilians and officers alike. But what is almost worse, is the phenomenal amount of damage it does to the tenuous relationship that exists between police officers and the communities they serve. Which is certainly the case for the Detroit Police Department, who are reeling from the recent announcement regarding two Detroit police officers who were indicted for stealing and selling drugs. Continue reading

Rapper Nelly Facing Felony Gun and Drug Charges

Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Haynes, isn’t from Michigan, we know. But he has a number of fans here in the mitten state and so we thought this case was worth discussing. Also, it’s a valuable wake-up call for people everywhere, who mistakenly assume that fame and fortune mean you’re above the law. The truth is, no one is exempt from the letter of the law. Continue reading

Michigan’s Mental Health Courts (Part One)

Mental Health Court, you ask? Michigan has a mental health court? What on earth is that? Well, it’s simple. It is a court aimed at providing an alternative solution to the criminalization of mental illness. In other words, instead of convicting individuals whose crimes were the result of a treatable mental illness, Michigan is finding ways to help and heal these individuals.

Continue reading

Chicago Teens Charged in Child Pornography Case

This particular case isn’t taking place here in Michigan, but it is so similar to a number of other cases that are happening right here in our state, that we felt it was worth discussing. After all, child pornography is a very serious crime. But the criminals in question here are four teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16.

According to Chief Brian Benton of the Joliet Police Department, what happened was this…. Continue reading